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Acronyms You May Encounter when Dating Online

The use of an online dating service involves a lot of written communication. There are many multi-letter abbreviations for words that are used regularly when texting and communicating through email or other online forms. Internet dating chat rooms especially rely heavily on these acronyms for quicker communication. Not only does using these abbreviations save time, but it adds an element of fun to your discussion.

Many new online acronyms and phrase abbreviations are added each day, so it is a good idea to try and learn the more common ones that are currently being used. This way, when you are exchanging emails or chatting with a potential date, you can have a better understanding of what is being said. You will also be able to use them properly when responding. You certainly don't want to mix up the abbreviation DWL with DWF when communicating with your potential match. You could have meant 'dying with laughter' but you mistyped your abbreviation and put DWF, meaning 'divorcred white female'.

Using acronyms saves everyone time and energy. And, when using services like Twitter, it is almost required. You have very limited space to get your point across. In the online dating arena, it has become necessary to have at least some knowledge of the more common terms that are being used. It will impress on the other person that you are intelligent and that you are definitely not behind the times. In other words, you are someone that might make an interesting date IRL (in real life). So, there is no reason not to brush up on your knowledge of these acronyms before venturing online into the dating scene.