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Are You a Romantic Person?

Whether you start dating online or offline, this subject is of vital importance. Although some of your dates may find it more important to a happy relationship than others, it is good to know the answer to this question and what you can do about it..... especially if the answer is "no."

When you first start dating virtually every woman wants to find a man who can be romantic, yet be able to do it without smothering her. They like to be swept up in the romance because to them it shows that this man wants to be with them. What many women often do not know is that men often like to be swept up in the romance too.

When you think about romance, what does it say to you? Is it quiet walks on the beach or is it just sitting and cuddling? Is it candlelight dinners or is it writing and receiving notes to and from one another? It is different for everyone.

Whatever your definition, you have a long time to decide how important romance is to you. Many couples find that romance is what keeps them together after they have made a final commitment. Some couples don't do the typical "romantic" things because they feel they are silly.

But, regardless of how you view it, romance can keep things moving forward because it is more about caring for another person and making sure they know how much you care for them. You may be surprised at the different little ways that people have found to express their romantic side.

Here are a few romantic suggestions:

  • When You Think of Romance, Think About the Little Things
    Many people think that you have to spend a lot of money to be romantic, but in most cases it is the simple things that are more important. As an example, a nice conversation over a simple dinner can be more rewarding than a night out for dinner and dancing. Romance is about getting to know the other person better so that the two of you can move forward as a couple more easily. Little things like walking together along a beach or in the woods, or under a starlit night will continue to kindle the romance.
  • Dating After Dating
    In other words, continue to make dating a priority after you have become a solid couple (preferably, at least once a week). This keeps romance alive and it lets you know that you will still be able to go out on the town and have a great time, even once you are married. Couples who make a continuous effort to find different places to go or new things to do, find that every day of their life together can be new and exciting. Their relationship will continue to grow, not wither and die.
  • Let Go of Romance on Special Occasions
    Instead of trying to keep track of Sweetest Day, Valentine's Day and other days that were set up specifically for special romance, place less focus on these days and be romantic all the time. It doesn't take much to leave a short note or email for your partner or to give them something small as a gift. All year round it will say "I love you" without pretense. Being romantic on one day, puts pressure on a couple to remember and to act a certain way. And, it gives you and your significant other the excuse to not to go out of your way every other day of the year. As mentioned above, it doesn't have to be made into a big production or be time consuming. Sometimes, the littlest things can make the biggest difference. A little effort can go a long way towards developing and maintaining a meaningful relationship!
  • Learn to Snuggle
    Most women love to snuggle up next to their man and it can be a very rewarding experience. Just sit on the couch quietly or talk, and leave the television off. Listen to music, talk about future plans, read together, whatever. Create a cozy environment and you will both feel refreshed and renewed.
  • Learn to Give a Massage
    Instead of just looking at this as a way to lead to sex, think about it as a way to further your relationship. Practice giving each other massages and then moving it into cuddling without necessarily having expectations of anything more than the enjoyment of merely being close to one another. This is one of the most romantic activities a couple can do.

When all is said and done, if you are not a romantic you can try some of the ways suggested to turn yourself into one. Most importantly, remember that being romantic is not always about celebrating specific days of the year or big dramatic displays of affection. This takes the pressure off and makes it easier for you to let the special person in your life know that you care about them and that they are loved.