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Do You Trust Your Partner?

Trust is important when you are in a relationship, and for some people it is one of the most important aspects of any type of relationship. When you have been dating for a while, and you are involved with someone, you want to believe you can trust him or her. Also, online dating can bring out many different factors in building trust with a person in a new relationship.

Many people define trust as having the faith that the partner will not sneak around or play around on them. To develop trust in someone is to put your faith in them that they will be true to their word, no matter what the situation.

The challenge with trust and people is that no human is 100% trustworthy. There are many circumstances and various situations that will weigh heavily on what they do and how they will behave. Therefore, trust is always a risk when it comes to a partner because we are never sure what circumstances will present themselves.

Sometimes trust will mean looking in a different direction. In other words, a woman may know that her boyfriend is prone to cheating, but she ignores these tendencies. She will say that she trusts him, but in the back of her mind she always wonders.

Men hope that their girlfriends or wives will always be faithful to them no matter what, but again there is no perfect way to know if this is true. Sometimes, people just get bored with each other and want to try something different.

With all of these potential distractions and risks, it is a wonder that people can stay together at all. What does it take to trust someone you might ask? Trust is actually something that is built over time and it takes a commitment by two people to adopt that trust.

Here are a few things that build trust over time:

  • Communication
    When people talk to each other all the time, there is no room for mistrust as long as the two people are honest with each other. Talk about your relationship from the start and what you expect from each other. Talk about other things that you enjoy and what keeps you up at night. Communication should be something that is clean, open and sincere. If you say you are going to do something, make sure you do it. This builds trust very quickly. If you say you won't cheat, and something changes (before you cheat), you should talk about the issue at the moment it comes up.
  • Stop Blaming and Keeping Score
    Some couples go through a process where they are constantly blaming others for their own behavior, or they are keeping score of certain past transgressions. This will not build trust in a relationship. When someone makes a mistake they are prone to continue making mistakes if you are always bringing up the past. Instead, let the past go in favor of building trust again.
  • Be Consistent
    It is important to be consistent with each other as you build trust. As an example, if you have set aside time to be together each week, then keep that time. Do not let other things come up that take away from that special time with your partner. When you are consistent, it will automatically build trust.

When you have all of these things in place, you are well on your way to building trust with your partner. If you have built a solid foundation, and trust is then betrayed, you will still be able to fall back on what you have built. No one is perfect and accidents do happen, but when you build a firm foundation you can be sure to trust your partner no matter what happens.