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How Do You View Attractiveness?

When you are sifting through online dating profiles have you ever wondered what makes someone attractive to you? Usually there is something in the way it is written that piques your interest and makes you want to at least get a little more information.

Most of the time attraction is different for everyone, but there seems to be some things that are standard for both men and women. Of course, many people feel that they are attracted on a physical level first, but this isn't the case for everyone. Online profiles give pictures, but these may not be real pictures of them or they might have been taken at an earlier time.

When you go onto the Internet to find help with how to attract a woman or a man, there is plenty of information out there to help you. There are some common things that people seem to look for, and a few of them are below. Of course, keep in mind that these are generalizations and definitely not applicable to everyone.

  • The Bad Boy Image
    Many women report that they like the bad boy image because bad boys seem to be more confident than nice guys. They would rather be with a guy that is funny and sure of himself than someone who is boring, as long as he still knows when to shut off the attitude. They want a man with a pleasing personality who can have fun and who has a sense of humor.
  • Teasing and Joking
    Men like women who are able to take a joke whether it is about themselves or just fooling around. They like a woman who can tease a little, but who is also a little flirty. They also like her if she can be at least a little interested in sports. Once again, of course, not all men are sports nuts either. That is why it is so important that you at least make an attempt to first understand yourself and then what you are looking for in a partner.
  • Taking Care of Themselves
    Both men and women are attracted to someone who looks healthy and takes good care of themselves. Women particularly like the way men are comfortable with their bodies, handle themselves overall and they are most interested in their personality rather than their physical body. Men like a woman who looks healthy and who takes good care of herself.
  • Physical Appearance
    Both men and women are attracted to physical appearance, but in different ways. For a woman, if a man has a good personality, is responsible and treats her well, physical appearance is not always as important. Men are more visual creatures and physical appearance will be very in the way that they are attracted to someone.
  • Online Discussions That are Fun
    Although everyone is still flirting online when they are carrying on instant messages or chats, women are looking for the sincerity in what men are saying. Men may be looking for a way to have sex, but they also want someone who is fun and can carry on good conversation. Most people will determine from these tools whether they are attracted enough to meet the individual in person.
  • Pheromones
    Okay, we can't rule this one out because it is the way that people smell to each other. This is not a physical smell as much as it is something that triggers the brain to alert it that you are attracted. Studies have shown that pheromones contribute to how people come together and who they are drawn to.

What we know about attraction is that we don't know everything about it. We as humans will find something that will attract us, but it is not a concrete thing. It's not something we can say that we are able to put our finger on and it's not something that two people can measure with any level of certainty.

We do know that men and women have different things that attract them to each other, and for the time being, that is all we can go on until researchers are able to provide us more answers.