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Being Prepared for that First Date

That first date with someone new can cause a lot of anxiety. It’s hard to know exactly what to expect or how to prepare. Try to remind yourself that being nervous is completely normal and that your date is probably just as restless as you are about that first meeting!

Here is some good information about what to keep in mind as that first date approaches.

Do Not Put Pressure on Yourself

When the date for that first meeting is near, try and think of it as just another date with a friend. This will decrease any pressure you may be experiencing. Remind yourself that you do not have to impress anyone. Simply be yourself and act as if you would in any other social situation. Telling others that you are going out with just a friend will also lessen the pressure you are feeling.

Try Not to Get Ready Too Early

It is important to give yourself enough time to prepare for the date, but it is also a good idea to not get ready too early. If you are ready too far ahead of time, this will allow time for you to think about the date too much and you could become even more nervous. Try and go about your normal routine as much as possible, and then give yourself just enough time to prepare for the date.

Don’t Try to be Someone You Are Not

Be yourself on the first date. If you spend time trying to be what you date your date wants you to be, you are more than likely setting yourself up for failure. Your time together will go much more smoothly if you don’t take up time trying to figure out what your date would like you to be. If your date does not like who you really are, then he or she is the wrong person for you anyway! Look at it as just another date and go into it with realistic expectations.<

Remember that Your Date is Probably Nervous Too

First dates are nerve racking for everyone! Keep in mind that your date likely has the same apprehension about meeting that you do. This type of thinking should help put you at ease. More than likely your date can relate to exactly what you are thinking.

Pick an Appropriate Meeting Place

Ideally, the first date should be in a public place. A restaurant is a great choice. You can share a meal while you enjoy some good conversation. There are often many conversation topics that can be found in a public place, such as the quality of the foods you are eating, the people around you, and just your surroundings in general.

Keep Your Date in Mind

Try to remember as much as you can about your date, even though you might not have much information at this point. If you know any of your date’s interests or can remember some funny things the person has told you on phone, these are great conversation starters. Topics like these can put the two of you on common ground and might even get you both laughing!

Remember to relax and enjoy yourself! After you have had that first successful date, the second one should be much easier.