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What Types of Activities Can You Do on a Date?

First, there was that cup of coffee, and then the agreement to meet again. Soon, it will be time for that first real date. This is a big moment in any growing relationship, and sometimes an intimidating one. Everyone tends to feel that the first date must be something special - so what to do?

  • Dinner Out
    Even for brilliant chefs, the first date is probably far too early to bring a date home for dinner. Having dinner out allows both participants to relax and allows more time for conversation. Go to a familiar restaurant that is known to have good food and good service. The best place is one with a unique atmosphere and varied clientele base.
  • Brunch
    For a little variety, try grabbing a meal during the day instead of in the evening. It can be just as romantic as dinner, if not more so. As with dinner out, this is a good opportunity for conversation, so be sure to find a place that allows for this. Find a place that offers a great menu to help make this an unforgettable experience.
  • Light Activity
    Get a little exercise while getting to know that potential significant other. A nice open trail at a public park is ideal, as it is public enough for everyone to feel comfortable. Biking, for instance, is slow-paced enough to enjoy company, but still burn a little energy and get a light workout. Bowling also fits under this category. The pace allows time for chatting between frames. Likewise, there's golf. If both participants are into this sport, hitting a bucket of balls at the driving range is something to do while getting to know one another.
  • Be Creative
    For the artistically-minded, a date at a "paint your own pottery" locale can be ideal. Even the not so artistic can appreciate the way concentration on a work of art can smooth over any of those slow spots that turn up in a conversation.
  • Movies and Comedy
    This could seem counterproductive. After all, a first date is for getting to know each other, and there is no talking allowed in a movie or a comedy show. But these venues give a good topic for conversation afterward. And if the daters have a similar sense of humor, a comedy show or movie is also good material for bonding.
  • For the Young at Heart
    There are some things that are always fun, no matter your age. Consider an amusement park, and ride some rides, or play a few carnival games. Miniature golf is also something fun, with less pressure than standard golf and a lot of opportunity for laughter and talking. Engaging in an activity usually considered something for younger people may trigger some nostalgic topics to muse over.
  • Art Appreciation
    The more culturally-minded should certainly consider the opera, ballet, or a theater performance as an excellent way to spend a date. Museums are simply stuffed full of wonderful conversation starters. Just be sure the other party involved enjoys this type of thing as well - and plan for further conversation over coffee or a light meal afterwards.

Remember that the first date should feel casual and fun. Use proper dating etiquette, meet in a public setting, and take the time to get to know one another. This may be the beginning of a beautiful friendship. Or even something more.