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Online Dating: How to Write a Winning Profile

Online dating has seen a surge of growth and acceptance in the last few years. It is no longer only for the unsightly or desperate. And, most people know at least one married couple who, when asked how they met, will tell you it was online.

The biggest component of online dating is the personal profile. Every dating service requires that you complete this section. And, in most cases it is the determining factor in whether or not you are able to find actual dates.

Think of the personal profile as an online personal ad. It should reveal enough about you to let someone know whether they want to contact you or not. But, it should also only be a teaser and leave them wanting more. Maybe you are very fun and charismatic in-person but you have a hard time putting anything down on paper.

Here are some guidelines to follow that will help you write a winning personal profile.

  • Profile ID
    This will be the nickname you use when listed with an online dating service. Choose something personal that tells a little something about you. Be careful not to choose something that might appear sleazy or too provocative. Sure some people will respond to that; but is that really what you want?
  • Content Control
    Feel free to revise, edit, and shorten your personal details. Let people know what you are interested in but don't give away all your secrets. Too much detail can scare people off because they perceive that you are way too serious before they are even sure if they want to meet you in person.
  • Spell Check and Proofread
    Consider typing your info in Microsoft Word or another document program. Run the spell check and then paste it onto the site. Also, proofread for typos that spell check might not pick up.
  • Appropriate Length
    When people are browsing for new profiles and people to contact, they are probably killing time in a sense and don't want to spend hours reading your autobiography. A good length is 300 words. Use the first 150 words to write about your own personal details and the last 150 to describe the person you are looking for.
  • Picture
    Upload a picture to your profile. Would you pursue someone who didn't have a picture listed in their profile? This is one detail that most people find essential.
  • Honesty
    Of course you want to tell the truth and talk about your goals and your future. If you have children, put that in your profile. But, don't reveal all the bad choices you've ever made in you profile. There will be an opportunity for that as the relationship progresses. Share hobbies you are interested in and trips you have taken and enjoyed.
  • Be Positive
    Write a profile that has an upbeat tone to it. People want to be around happy people. Sure, you have a variety of feelings, but this is a first impression.

Finally, ask someone you trust to be objective and read your profile before you post it. They can give you their first impression and help make it even better. Ask them what they like about you and what makes them want to spend time with you and include that information.