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Does Dating Online Really Work?

Asking this question just a few short years ago would have been answered with a resounding "no." Online dating has grown quite a bit in recent years, growing both in number of participants and in maturity as a way to meet other singles. It is a big business now and many people can offer positive experiences involving Internet romance. Just as traditional dating requires both time and effort, an online dating experience needs care and commitment.

Never calling does not create a good environment for developing true love. Neither does meeting a prospective partner for only five minutes a week to try to establish a long-lasting relationship. In addition, always going to a traditional date in shabby, or even just very casual, clothing does not show any seriousness in forming a good impression. So, put on the best face possible, even online.

Every dating site provides a place for personals advertisements. This is something like a billboard, giving other prospective people, a five-second look. Use every resource available to create something attractive. If the site offers the opportunity to post a picture, post a picture. If it allows audio clips, or video clips, by all means record them and use them. A personal ad with a video clip has a huge advantage over one that merely has a photograph. Singles and prospective suitors will linger over these more detailed ads longer, and it will give a more personal insight into the one posting the media. Personal ads with pictures have a high response, while personal ads with an audio or video clip, or both, wins hands down.

Online dating has benefited from the steady rise of Internet technology. More and more Internet dating services now feature voice and video chat. Now online singles can actually see and hear a prospective match without passing on phone information or meeting face-to-face. Seeing a photo or chatting via email or in a chat room are a good way to get to know another person, but being able to talk and see someone and learn about them before actually meeting them gives the online world an advantage that even real life dating cannot offer.

There is no personality profile or test that can definitively and perfectly match two people. Spending time with another and getting to know them are still important parts of the dating experience. There is no decisive evidence that personality matching, no matter how 'scientifically' conducted, really does work.

The truth is, there is no easy way to find love. The way to true intimacy is still learning about the other person - their history, their likes and dislikes, their dreams and goals. That said, there are still tools that make online dating fun, convenient and safe to take those first few steps.

Choose an online dating service that offers not only several resources for meeting singles, but also the very latest. Just as with any relationship, prepare to spend time developing it. Log on and spend time in the chat room, send casual messages of interest to other singles and learn more about them. Online relationships can be rewarding and long-lived, if given the time needed to develop.