Are you a single parent looking for love? Try online dating.

Our First Phone Bill from Dating came After the Wedding!

As Told by : Beth, Age 58

I was a single Mom with two kids and trying to meet men was not an easy thing with working all day and taking care of the kids at night. About the only way at the time was to go out to bars and clubs, but I didn't like that scene. I decided to join a computer dating service. I received a letter through the mail from William. He had initially tried calling me but my phone number was unlisted so he sent me a letter and asked that I call him collect, which I did after reading his letter. He had custody of his two-year-old son, so he was a single parent as well. I felt pretty comfortable with him - already knowing we had that in common.

I called him and we talked on the phone for quite a time making arrangements to meet Memorial Day weekend. He drove to my hometown with his son to meet me and we had a great day at the park and at dinner with all of our kids. My oldest daughter commented that we already seemed like we were a family. The next day while William was flying a kite with the three kids, he suggested that we get married. After some discussion, we decided to do just that! We had met on May 31 and were married June 4th. We had a nice ceremony at the local church. Right after our wedding, I packed up all my possessions and with my two kids in tow, went to live with William and his son.

Over the years, William and I have grown to love each other very deeply. He adopted my two children and I have to say he has supported me in everything I have done over the years, including getting my Masters in Social Work. In addition, we were blessed with a beautiful daughter a few years after we were married. We are now retired and enjoy one another and our life together very much.

For a long time after we got together, my oldest daughter didn’t like it when I told people how we met. She said it made me sound like I was desperate. I told her that at the time, I was certainly desperate - with loneliness. Obviously, I made the right decision to find a match through a dating service. Sometimes you have to step outside the box and take a chance on something different. I sure did - and I could not be happier with my decision!

Wright from the Heart

Editorial by : Norma Leigh Wright

There is a good lesson in Beth’s story. Taking a chance on finding love where you least expect it could pay off big in the end. Even though Beth wasn’t 100% comfortable with a dating service, she decided it was worth the effort if it meant she might not be lonely anymore. And it certainly paid off for her since she ended up finding her lifetime soul mate.

The fact that Beth and William found love very quickly together also offers an interesting perspective on finding the right match. Sometimes two people will realize from spending just a little time together that they are not meant to be apart. A true connection with someone is unavoidable, but might never happen if you don’t take a chance on something new.