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Single and Surviving the Holidays

Are you feeling more frustrated than festive this holiday season? If you are single and the holidays are getting you down, there are ways to improve your mood. Being single can offer many advantages during this busy time of year. So before your attitude causes you to drown your sorrows in egg nog and holiday cookies, take the following suggestions to heart.

Do Something for Others

One of the most important things you can do during the holiday season is acknowledge your blessings - be it good health, a great job, or caring friends. Appreciate what you do have instead of focusing on what you believe you are lacking. Let the good things you have in your life inspire you to help others. Volunteering at a soup kitchen or offering to help a friend wrap presents are just a couple of examples of the ways you can spread holiday cheer this season.

Stop Comparing Yourself to Others

It's not true that the grass is always greener, but during this time of year, it can be especially difficult to resist the temptation to look at someone else’s situation and think it is better. It seems like each person you see is a part of a happy couple or family. If you strive for that kind of life, make it a goal, but don’t let it get you down during the holiday season.  Try not to compare your life to anyone else’s – enjoy the life you have.

Be Good to Yourself

Treat yourself to a special gift this year. Plan a trip to the spa or a special holiday getaway for yourself. If there is a book you have wanted to read but have not had a chance, this is the perfect time to do it. Try to rest, relax and pamper yourself to make the most of the down time this season. You can even do something that few people ever have a chance to do – catch up on your sleep!

Appreciate Having Less to Buy

Let's face it - the holiday season can be expensive. Without a significant other, you have the benefit of one less person to buy for this year. This will give you a better opportunity to follow the previous advice and go and do something nice for yourself.

Dress It Up or Dress It Down

Have you wanted to buy a gaudy aluminum Christmas tree for years? Do it! Have you had the urge to go on a decorating strike and not put up one single holiday decoration? Go for it! The holiday is yours – take the opportunity for creative freedom and enjoy making the right decision for you and your home on your own without having to listen to the opinions of anyone else.

It’s the Most Wonderful Time to Meet a New Love!

Just because you are solo now does not mean your single status has to stay that way for long.  There are office gatherings, New Year’s Eve celebrations to attend, as well as various holiday parties that will offer a wealth of chances for you to meet new people. Remember, even if you meet people who are not single, they probably know people who are. Keep an open mind, stay positive and make this the best holiday season yet!