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How to Respectfully Say "No" during Online Dating

So you've been having a successful online relationship with someone for about a month. You chat online frequently and have even had a few good phone conversations. As far as you are concerned, the relationship is moving in a positive direction, but then he starts to ask for more from you. Your online profile contains several pictures of yourself, but he is regularly asking to see more photos. In addition, he wants to meet in person and you do not feel ready to do that. The other person is not happy with this and wants to put a stop to the relationship.

So how does each of you deal with this situation? For starters, he should be up front about his expectations. If he expects more photos and a face-to-face meeting in the near future, he should communicate these wishes.

You should be honest with him as well, even if you are having a difficult time saying, “no”. It is important to be clear and concise, especially if you are interested in the other person. Tell him in a respectful way that you are not ready to share certain things or meet in person.

When you find yourself in an awkward situation, take advantage of the ease of communication offered by online dating. Most online dating sites have a simple way to say “no” to someone while saving face and avoiding uncomfortable situations. Many services offer the ability to send an email (that has already been put together) stating you are not longer interested. You should use this option if it is available to you instead of just disappearing and leaving the other person wondering what happened.

However, if you prefer to send your own email, keep it short and simple, such as “while I have enjoyed getting to know you, I just do not feel we are compatible enough to pursue a relationship. I wish you all the best.

However you decide to deal with it, be fair and let the other person know where you stand.The more open and honest you are in the earlier stages of the relationship, the better your chances are of finding your true match in the online dating world.