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Spring Fever : Are you a Believer?

We have all heard the term “Spring Fever”, but is there really such a phenomenon? And more importantly, does science back it up? The following information contains two separate arguments: one that attempts to prove that Spring Fever is the “real deal” supported by biological factors – and one that suggests that, while it’s true that just about everyone’s mood improves when Spring arrives, there are not any scientific facts to support that there is much more to it than that. So which way of thinking speaks more to you? Read on to find out.

Spring is the Real Thing!

Actor Robin Williams had this to say about the season of spring :

“Spring is nature’s way of saying, ‘Let’s party!’”

That sentiment is likely shared by most anyone who has survived the long months of winter and is ready to throw a party because they are over! The months of March, April, and even May depending on where you live, are the time of year when most people are packing up all of their winter gear and thinking about the warmer months while planning some outdoor adventures. There is a term for the feeling that accompanies these activities : “Spring Fever”.

But is Spring Fever for real or just in our heads? And why does everyone seem to be in a better mood during this time of year? Scientific American magazine had this to say about it :

“Since the mid-1980s researchers have focused on the seasonal effect on moods, with the emergence of a diagnostic label for winter depression, seasonal affective disorder (SAD). No one knows the exact cause of SAD, but there are distinct patterns of winter depression lifting in the spring.”1

It is also a common belief that Spring fever brings about a heightened interest in romance. This is especially true for single persons who are on a mission to find love. So why does this happen every year? This seems to indicate that there are biological factors causing this to occur. Scientific American magazine stated this interesting fact :

“Cultural and social factors influence conception patterns but biology plays a strong role, as shown by peaks that are 20 percent above average during June—technically the tail end of spring—in the production of reproductive fuel: luteinizing hormone, which produces testosterone in men and triggers ovulation in women.” 1

The improvement in our moods and the effects of biology obviously play a big part in bettering our mood. And when we feel more joyful, we tend to want to share that sentiment with others.

Spring Improves Your Mood – But Won’t Add to Your Brood!

So everyone likely agrees that the excitement and anticipation of warmer weather is typically referred to as “Spring Fever”. And it’s evident that everyone seems to be in a better mood during this time of year. So with the warmer weather upon us and everyone having a better overall frame of mind, a heightened interest in romance is only natural...right?

It would seem inevitable that with love in the air, there would be love making in the air as well, and while that may be the case, statistics do not seem to support this conclusion. You would think that conception rates would increase during this time, right? Believe it or not, the answer is “No”. The web site for the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) indicates that conception rates actually drop as the temperatures rise. Here are the facts :

The CDC National Center for Health Statistics Office of Communication’s final report for 2006 indicated that August was the month when the most births occurred. In fact, the CDC data shows that historically the warmer months of June, July and August are the ones that bring on the baby boom. 2

Interesting that our moods are improved during this time of year - which contributes to Spring Fever – yet this does not appear to equate to baby fever. Looks like we all have some work to do if we want to make that happen! But what Spring Fever does lead to is a great opportunity for those who are on a mission to find love.

Spring into Dating!

Many singles have caught Spring Fever and are looking at Internet dating as the way to meet their lifetime soul mates, making this the perfect time to begin your online dating adventure as well. And with the arrival of the warmer months, there are plenty of outdoor dating options to enjoy along with new dating relationships, such as kayaking, camping or an outing at a local park, just to name a few.

So with the weather warming up, why not heat up your love life as well? Check out one of the many Internet dating services that are available. Many singles have likely caught Spring Fever and are also checking them out, so it’s the perfect time to begin your online dating adventure. And with the warmer months upon us, there will be plenty of outdoor dating options to enjoy, such as kayaking, camping or an outing at a local park.

Helping yourself to be a happier person who actively participates in what life has to offer will open you up to many relationship possibilities – and there is no better time than the spring season to expand your horizons!


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