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How Do You Know it's the Right Time to Meet When Dating Online?

Only dating services are a great benefit to many people who have trouble otherwise meeting other singles, especially the shy. It is very difficult for all, but the most extroverted or assertive person can simply walk up to that attractive person and request a date or even a cup of coffee. Online dating solves the problem by creating that extra space between potential partners before the dates even begin. Eventually, the relationship started online will move into the real world. This is a very special and very critical moment, where that barrier is finally removed and the face-to-face meeting is at hand. That is the question: when does that moment, the decision to meet finally come?

The moment of meeting should not be too soon. After all, that is one of the benefits of online dating - creating that space in the first place. Internet daters should use email or chat, perhaps even video chat, or other media to learn about each other first. These first conversations are a little like early dating in the real world. The pair should get to know each other and gain an understanding of what each one wants out of the other in terms of a relationship. It is this very process that determines when the first in-person date should come. When one partner desires a date right away, be wary. Their goal might just be a one-night stand instead of an actual relationship. The moment of meeting should be a mutual agreement, and if one cannot be made, then perhaps it was not meant to be.

The first date is probably going to be a little scary, but that is no reason to put it off forever. Often, if the wait is too long, the other party involved will simply move on. The Internet can facilitate a real relationship, but it is no substitute for one. Be cautious, but be aware that there is a time to relax, just a little.

There is a time when both parties know more about each other than just the topics listed in the profile, but do not yet know every little detail. This is an excellent moment for a meeting. A little mystery is romantic, and a first date is more fun with a few little revelations.

When a couple waits too long to take that next step, the topics start to move from general interest, family and friends, or hobbies into more intimate matters. The discussions may turn to romantic, or even sexual and erotic, conversations. Now, the relationship is starting to cross that line mentioned above, and the moment has come.

When and how that moment comes about is the most important moment of the relationship thus far. In fact, it is the real purpose of beginning the correspondence in the first place - a relationship beyond the website and chat rooms. It is certainly an intimidating moment to face, almost like a blind date, but remember that this person has already shared many emails, conversations, and possibly even hopes and dreams over the Internet. Keep in mind that the underlying purpose is to have fun. That moment of meeting could very well be the best moment so far.