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Secrets on Commitment and Keeping the Love Alive

Commitment is a scary word for many people and it is difficult to understand. Commitment is simple but sometimes it can get very complicated. Most people enter into a relationship thinking that both parties understand what it means, but this can be far from the truth.

If you are not sure of commitment, keeping love alive can be difficult. However, it does not have to be a problem if you know what to do. And no matter how your relationship started, whether you met through friends or through online dating, it is always good to refresh the love and commitment from time to time.

Here are 10 free secrets that will keep your love relationship moving forward.

Secret #1 : Communication

Doing simple things like saying "I love you" and letting your partner know they are appreciated for what they do will keep your love alive for years to come. Talk frequently about the things that are important to you and listen to your partner's thoughts.

Secret #2 : Commitment

Although this may seem like a no brainer, the definition of commitment can vary between couples. First, commit to yourself to do whatever you can to love your partner. Next, commit to the relationship to keep it loving and moving forward.

Secret #3 : Trust

All relationships must have trust or you might as well end it. Without trust one or both partners will become insecure which will bring suspicion, anxiety and fear into the relationship. This is not the way to build a strong loving relationship. Trust is learned and earned and sometimes you have to do it completely.

Secret #4 : Passion

If you truly love your partner, and can approach your life with passion, you will keep the love alive. The way to passion is not only sex, but it comes from the commitment to love this person. It comes from your excitement being with them, your motivation to do things for yourself and for them, and it comes from the enthusiasm you have for each other. Without passion the relationship dies quickly.

Secret #5 : Give Each Other Space

When you are in a committed relationship it doesn’t mean that you have to quit doing all the things you like to do. Creating space by yourself or with other friends beyond your partner will help you keep the passion alive. No one can exist on an island by themselves, and though you are together, you will need time to be apart. This does not mean you will stray, it only means you need the time away from each other.

Secret #6 : Touch

Humans need to be touched. There have been studies done with babies who do not thrive when they are not touched. Learn to touch your partner intimately without it always going to sex. Touch breaks down barriers and renews bonds.

Secret #7 : Foundation of Friendship

To have the most passionate and loving relationship it is necessary to build a strong foundation of friendship. If you love someone for who they are, then you know you have a good friend. When you get upset with one another you will always have the friendship to fall back on to straighten things out.

Secret #8 : Give to Your Partner the Love that You Want

All people need to know they are loved, and to give to one another means more than material things. Give the loving touches, the terms of endearment and look into each other's eyes--these are the things that helped when you were dating and they will continue to help keep the love alive.

Secret #9 : Respect

First you must respect yourself enough to always communicate in your relationship. Then you must respect your partner by caring for them. Love and respect go hand in hand when two people want to keep their love alive.