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Eat, Date and Be Merry!

Not only does love bring us together, but it’s apparent that food can bring us together as well. Many dating experiences involve dining. Some couples have even fallen in love in - or because of - a certain restaurant or particular food they shared. That establishment then became that “go to” place for special occasions or for those times when a couple just wanted to spend some time alone together. So clearly, food and dating are related.

Since many romantic relationships start at a particular eatery, the choice of where to eat is an important decision. Newer dating relationships probably call for a more casual setting, yet for the later stages the more romantic places are usually the best choices. If you have been connected through online dating, it can be a bit challenging to pick the right spot - particularly if this is your first face-to-face meeting. But with a little communication, you can choose the dining location that suits both of your tastes.

So go out and enjoy your experiences with dining and dating! Maybe your next dinner date will be with your lifetime soul mate and that restaurant where you are dining can earn the title, “our place.”