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A Simple Date, but a Significant Memory

As Told by : Riley, age 38

On my first date with Joe, we drove around looking for the "Roanoke Star" on Mill Mountain. We were fairly naive and neither one of us were certain as to how exactly to get to the nature spot where we both wanted to go. We ended up getting lost in what was considered at the time to be the "bad part of town". To top everything off, my car overheated and the radiator line busted! But our evening was not ruined. My date saved the day with a pocket knife! Joe cut the hose, reattached it and we headed on our way fairly quickly – and thankfully before any trouble found us.

Later in evening, we decided to get something to eat, but wanted to do something a little different. We went to a local convenience store and purchased a half gallon of milk and a bag of cookies. We then managed to find our way to the mountain and located the perfect spot that overlooked the valley. We sat there for hours dipping cookies into the jug of milk he cut the top off of using the same knife that fixed my car (after cleaning it as best we could of course!). We sat and talked for hours until eventually the sun came up.

A few years later, we got married and now have two daughters. It’s fun to tell them the story of how our first date was such a simplistic evening that led to so much more in our lives. Sometimes it takes very little to lead to a big connection!

Wright from the Heart

Editorial by : Norma Leigh Wright

Stories like this are a good reminder that it doesn’t take an extravagant evening to have a good time with your romantic partner. Just spending time together in a quiet setting can set the mood for a great conversation where you can simply enjoy each other’s company. It can also be cost effective – this couple was only out the cash that it cost for a bag of cookies and the jug of milk!

Getting away from the daily grind, like Riley and Joe’s example, is a wonderful way to find some peace while also connecting as a couple. Some ideas are to discover a tranquil nature spot together, go on a hike, or just sit in a quiet park – anything that helps you focus more on each other and less on the rest of the world. You will probably find that it not only benefits your relationship as a couple, but also each of you as an individual.