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Relationships and Fighting Fair - Tips on What to Do and What NOT to Do When Communicating Anger

No one enjoys arguing. It causes resentment and can put significant stress on a relationship. It is true, however, that no two people ever live in perfect harmony. It is inevitable each person in the relationship will have different opinions about certain topics.

Disagreements do not necessarily have to be seen as an unpleasant battle. The way each partner reacts will determine the result of the situation. A combination of time, patience and the ability to resolve the conflict is required for a constructive discussion. It is not important who “wins” the battle, but rather more important that the issue be addressed and resolved.

There are ways to argue that better your chances of solving the disagreement and moving on from the issue without any lasting negative effects. This advice doesn’t guarantee the argument will end immediately, but could help keep the discussion from escalating or leaving parties feeling as if they did not have a chance. The key is to create a “healthy conflict” in your relationship in which each of you does your best to avoid some common mistakes while following a few basic principles.

Things you should do when fighting fair:

Things NOT to do when fighting fair:

Remember, it is not possible to avoid conflict in your relationship. Each of you is a unique individual with your own feelings, opinions, and desires. So the key is to manage that conflict in a way that actually brings you closer together and allows you to understand each other more deeply, rather than letting it tear you apart.