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Celebrate Your Successes

It is important to celebrate your victories today, no matter how little. They acknowledge that you are making progress and help to lift confidence in the relationship for both you and your partner.

This does not mean celebrating a success that is just for you or just for your partner. After an argument or a heated discussion, if an issue has really been resolved or if you have learned something about each other, then that is a victory for the relationship. Congratulate yourselves! Whatever your small victories may be, they are yours together and you should celebrate them.

It is not only good for the relationship to celebrate each success, but it also encourages each of you to handle conflict in a positive way in the future. As your confidence gets boosted with your success at the little things, you'll be amazed at the ease with which you are able to have success with the bigger things.

Just remember, it is those small victories in a relationship that can add up and make all the difference.