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Actively Listen to Each Other

This means showing your partner, using both verbal and nonverbal cues, that you are truly listening. Making eye contact is always important, as well as providing positive body language such as nodding. When responding, use phrases that let your partner know you heard what was said. For example, “You are saying you are upset because…” or “Your point is that I should not have…” Repeating what you think you heard is one of the most effective methods to curtail an argument.

It is essential to show your partner that you understand and especially that you are listening to what is being said. We all have a tendency to talk too much during conversation, but it is a key tactic in positive communication to give the other person a chance.

During an argument, each party is most likely getting prepared to make another point while the other person is talking, rather than really listening to what is being said. Trying to determine the next thing to say instead of focusing on what the other person is saying is not helping to resolve the argument because you are not really attempting to understand the other person's side.

Keep the following points in mind :

  • Give the other person your undivided attention when he or she is speaking and try not to respond too quickly.
  • Listen actively by repeating what you thought you heard.
  • Ask questions and be patient.
  • Respect your partner’s views, even if you don’t agree with them.