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Three Things to do to Improve Your Relationship

Relationships seem to be difficult to maintain these days because of all the stress that is put on them. Often, it is a matter of miscommunication between people, and at other times it can be the stress of everyday life. For a couple that met through online dating, communicating should be at the top of their list for maintaining their relationship.

Part of the challenge for couples can be the ideas of commitment and intimacy. Although some people think these two things are the same, they really are different. They are both a part of a strong relationship and they are very important if your relationship is to move forward.


Commitment means different things to many people. At first, you commit to each other to date either exclusively. If you met online through an online dating web site, you have a certain amount of intimacy that came from your emails, chats and maybe even phone calls to each other.

As the romance progresses, you may have decided that you would commit to each other and now you are moving into a deeper relationship. However, if two people want to commit to each other, they must first commit to themselves.


When we talk about intimacy it is more than just sex. Intimacy means those gentle touches, those quick glances, and a touch of the hand or just an expression of love. These are all a part of intimacy that eventually will move towards sex.

Intimacy is about communication, and the more you talk to each other, the more you take those walks on the beach or in the woods, the more care you show for each other, will ultimately help build intimacy in your relationship.


When you are having problems in your relationship, it is probably because someone has stopped communicating or does not know how to communicate. This can be the beginning of many problems, because no one is a mind reader. Therefore, you can't interpret what is going on with the other person or what they are thinking.

Healthy couples learn to bring commitment, communication and intimacy together to form a stronger bond. If you are having trouble with your relationship right now, here are three easy things to do to get it back on the right track:

  1. Have a Creative Brainstorming Conversation
    Whether the stress is high or low; come together and have a conversation about anything that is on your mind, but has nothing to do with the relationship. It could be as simple as thinking about going on an outrageous vacation. You might bring in a bunch of brochures from a travel agent and just go through them together for the fun of it.
  2. Make a CD of Your Favorite Music
    Okay, you probably have a lot of CD's of your favorite music, but you will not like every song on every album. Instead, pick about 10 that you like and put them on a CD. Then, listen and talk about them together. Talk about why you like them. This will lead into other conversations.
  3. Sit in the Solitude of the Evening
    Instead of watching television or going someplace noisy, turn off all the lights and sit in the dark. Sit and hold hands or cuddle. Although some guys might think this is silly, do it anyway. This will bring about a space where the two of you can enjoy each other without interruption -- oh, and unplug the phone or turn off the cell phones.

The challenge with most relationships is that the longer two people are together, the faster the intimacy can go out of the window. When you want to bring it back, it will be the little things that will get it started back on the right track.