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How Can You Survive a Breakup?

Learning How to Survive a Breakup from a Dating Relationship

The break up of a warm relationship happens every day and sometimes it is more difficult for one partner or the other. You can never know when the breakup is coming which makes it even harder to take.

The good news is that there is survival after a breakup. No matter how much time and energy you have put into it, you can still find a way to get past the shame and uncertainty that comes with it.

There are many things that you can do to move forward after a breakup, and here are some steps to take to survive:

  • Closure
    Many relationships end in anger or in a place where it leaves one side of the relationship needing closure. It is not a good idea to see the person again, but you can always write a letter. In writing a letter or email to them you can say everything you wanted to say, but were not able to do at the time. You can decide later whether you want to mail the letter or not.
  • Feelings of Sadness and Depression
    Everyone feels sad or depressed after a breakup because you have spent a lot of time with the individual. What is happening is grief and you have to give yourself enough time to go through the grief. If you can't do it alone, you might want to talk to a professional about it. This does not mean you can't handle it, but sometimes a second person who is objective can help you see things you do not see by yourself. The point is to move through your grief to get to the other side of it. Along the way you will learn more about yourself.
  • Make a Clean Break Emotionally
    Although at first it doesn’t seem like you will ever get over this person, the best thing to do is to clean away the debris of their presence. This does not only mean physically, but mentally as well. Stop talking about them, stop yearning for them, and come to the point in yourself that you recognize that it is over and move on. Dwelling on what could have been only gets you into more problems. This may create faulty judgment and make you vulnerable.
  • Find Other Activities to Do
    Although you may feel like anything you do will remind you of your partner, take heart and find things to do to take up your time. This might be a great time to start a project that you thought about doing, but did not have the time to do. Now is a great time to become active in your community or to find a new hobby. Doing something fun is better than staying home and moping.
  • Use Your Support System
    Before you came into your relationship you probably had friends you could rely on. Talk to them and take time for them now. This can be a great way to relieve your tension and renew your old friendships.
  • Do Not Get Involved with Someone Right Away
    When you first breakup you are in a vulnerable position and sometimes anyone who comes along may look good for a date. It is better to wait awhile until you have gone through your grieving and are ready to move on. Otherwise, you can slip into behaviors you do not want.
  • Evaluate What Went Wrong in Your Relationship
    Somewhere down the line you may want to journal about the old relationship to see what went wrong. This is not something you want to dwell on, but you do want to make some plans for future relationships. This could be a way to finally let go of the old one.